Improving quality of life

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our residents. We work diligently to insure the care and well-being of our valued residents. We combine both advanced medical services as well as southern hospitality to create a warm environment for our residents.


Working in tandem with area doctors and hospitals to meet the care plans and healthcare goals of our valued residents, we approach healing holistically. We subscribe to the proven philosophy that it requires the mind, body, and environment for healing to happen. Socialization and a vibrant sense of community help to promote restoration.

We offer activities that meet the ability level of our residents. Ranging from mentally stimulating games that help cognitive management and/or development to outings that showcase what our city has to offer.

Why we are different:

Our clinical team receives ongoing education and training on industry practices and methodologies. This allows us to host an extensive array of skilled services. We are not only a nursing center and residence but a short term inpatient rehabilitation center.


Specialized Services

We are the leaders in clinically complex and intensive integrated therapies and nursing care.

    1. CPR certified staff-All shifts
    2. Rapid Response Team
    3. IV Capabilities
    4. Drains and catheters
    5. Full Service Rehabilitation and Therapy
      1. Occupational Therapy
      2. Physical Therapy
      3. Speech pathology
      4. Respiratory therapy
    1. Wound care certified nurses
    2. Nurses
    3. Surgical Drains
    4. Cardiac Congestive Heart Failure program with in-house dietary monitoring.
    5. Pulmonary disorders(COPD)
    6. Wound vac(uum)
    7. G/I tube feeding
    9. Tracheostomy management
    10. Life vest
    11. Hospice